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Welcome to the WPGA Rules of Golf Hub! In 2012, the USGA and R&A, golf’s two major governing bodies, began a project to modernize the Rules of Golf. This project aimed to make the Rules easier to understand and apply for existing and new players around the globe. This new version of the Rules went into effect on January 1, 2019.

The WPGA Rules of Golf Hub should serve as your primary source for all information regarding the Rules. Using the links below, WPGA Members can navigate through the digital version of the new Rules of Golf book and read more about the 2019 major changes that most affect the game. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Association offices.

General Resources

History of the Rules
The Rules of Golf and Interpretations
Golf’s New Rules: Major Changes
Clarifications of the 2019 Rules of Golf
2019 Rules Quizzes
2019 Rules FAQs
Modified Rules for Players with Disabilities
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Monthly Rules of Golf Articles

Alternative to Stroke and Distance for Ball Lost or Out of Bounds • By Jamie Wallace, USGA Rules Department • September 19, 2019
I Accidentally Moved My Ball – What Do I Do Now? • By Jamie Wallace, USGA Rules Department • October 19, 2019
Fall Golf – Loose Impediments and Abnormal Conditions • By Kelsey Solan • November 19, 2019
Accidental Deflections, A How-To Guide • By Daniela Lendl, USGA Rules Department • December 17, 2019
Help and Advice on the Golf Course • By Kendall Dunovant, USGA Rules Department • January 19, 2020
Your Equipment and the Rules – Clubs and Balls • By Jamie Wallace, USGA Rules Department • February 19, 2020
Play the Course As You Find It • By Kelsey Solan • March 2, 2020


2019 Rules of Golf Changes
Areas the Committee Can Mark as Penalty Areas
Ball Moved During Search
Ball Played From Green Hits Unattended Flagstick in the Hole
Caddie Lifting Ball on the Putting Green
Caddies Standing Behind Player to Help Lining Up
Elimination of Requirement to Announce Intent to Lift Ball
Encouraging Prompt Pace of Play
Maximum Score Form of Stroke Play
Measuring Size of Relief Area Where a Ball Must Be Dropped
Moving Loose Impediments or Touching Ground in Bunker
New Procedure for Dropping a Ball
No Penalty for Moving Ball on the Putting Green
Procedure for Taking Back on the Line Relief
Procedure for Taking Lateral Relief
Repairing Damage on the Putting Green
Replacing Ball When Original Spot Not Known
Standard for Deciding Whether or Why a Ball Moved
Substitution Always Allowed When Taking Relief
Touching Line of Play on Putting Green
Touching Loose Impediments or Ground in a Penalty Area
Unplayable Ball in Bunker
When to Replace a Ball that Moves on a Putting Green
Where a Dropped Ball Must Come to Rest
Local Rule for Alternative to Stroke and Distance

2019 Rules of Golf Explanations
Putting Greens Explained
Provisional Ball Explained
Play The Course As You Find It Explained
Penalty Areas Explained
Nearest Point Of Complete Relief Explained
Movable Obstructions Explained
The Flagstick Explained
Bunkers Explained
Unplayable Ball Explained
Ball Lost Or Out Of Bounds Explained
Loose Impediments Explained
Abnormal Course Conditions Explained

Infographics / Posters

Rules Modernization - At Your Fingertips
Rules Modernization - Key Changes
Rules Modernization - Evolution of Key Changes
Rules Modernization - Accidental Deflections
Rules Modernization - Pace of Play
Rules Modernization - Stroke and Distance Ball in Motion Accidentally Deflected
Distance Measuring Devices
Elimination of Opposite Margin
Expanded Use of Red Marked Penalty Areas
Reduced Search Time for Lost Ball
Relief for Embedded Ball
Replacing Damaged Club
Use of Damaged Club

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