Championship FAQ

The 9th hole green at Village Green Golf Course in Hickory, PA.

1. How can I enter a WPGA championship?
You can enter online using a credit card. In order to do this, you will need to contact us so that we can setup an account for you if you have not already done so. You can do this by email or by calling us during business hours at 412-826-2180. We will need an e-mail address, you mailing address, your birthdate and your home club. Once we have setup your account, we will e-mail you your account name and password. Then you can log on to our online system and enter any tournaments that you are eligible for. If you plan on playing in a team event, you should make sure to get an account setup for your partner also. Only one person enters the event online, but their partner also needs to have an account so that they can select them from the list.

2. What championships can I play in?
Every championship has different eligibility requirements. These include age minimums or maximums, handicap maximums and whether you must be a member of a WPGA club. You should go to the tournament information page and read the eligibility section for any event you would like to enter.

3. What are the age requirements for WPGA championships?
You must meet the age restriction on the day of the championship. The following events have age restrictions: Boys - 15 or younger, Juniors - 18 or younger, Mid-Amateur - 25 or older, Senior Amateur - 55 or older, Semple Century - Team combined age must be 100.

4. What are the handicap requirements for WPGA championships?
The following individual events have handicap requirements: Amateur - 6.4, Mid-Amateur 4.4, Open - 2.4, Senior Amateur - 12.4, Public Links - 9.4, Women's Amateur - 18.4. The following team events have handicap requirements: Fred Brand - 5.4 total, Semple Century - 8.4 each, Four Ball - 12.0 total

5. What events can my child play in?
Juniors may play in any event that they meet the eligibility requirements for in terms of handicaps, age etc.

6. What other organizations have junior events in the area?
The Tri-State Section of the PGA in association with Kings Restaurants has a junior series. The American Junior Golf Association has events all over the United States including one or two in western PA every year.

7. What are the deadlines for WPGA championships?
In general the deadline for all WPGA events is 2 weeks before the event. See the specific event for the actual deadline. If you miss the deadline you may be able to still enter if there is room. There is a $50.00 late fee for all non-junior events. Junior events have lower late fees.

8. How do I get my tee time?
Tee Times are e-mailed to all competitors a few days ahead of the competition and are posted on the website at the same time. Players who do not have Internet access may get their tee time by calling the WPGA at 412-826-2180.

9. Can I use a cart at a WPGA championship?
Carts are allowed for all events except junior events, the West Penn Amateur (and its qualifiers) and the West Penn Open. Cart fees are included in the entry fee for all championships where they are allowed.

10. Can I use a measuring device at WPGA championships?
Yes. Electronic distance measuring devices are allowed at all WPGA championships. DMDs must not have any other function such as slope or wind velocity measurement. If you use a DMD that has any other function, you will be disqualified even if you do not use that function.

11. How do I enter USGA championships?
You can enter USGA championships by either using their online entry system on the USGA website. The USGA REQUIRES that all entries by received by 5:00 P.M. on the date published. They will not accept late entries and we cannot add you to the field.

12. What is the proper way to withdraw from a championship?
To withdraw from a WPGA championship before the date of the event, you can either call our office at 412-826-2180 or log into your account on the WPGA online entry system and withdraw from the event. If you have to withdraw on the day of the event, please call the club where the event is being held and tell the pro shop. If you can not do that, call our office. There is a charge associated with withdrawals. If you withdraw before the deadline date there is a $15 fee. After the deadline date and up to the day of the championship there is a $25 fee. There will be no refunds for withdrawals on the day of the event, except in very unusual circumstances.

13. I missed the deadline, can I still enter?

If you miss the deadline for a WPGA Championship you may be able to still enter if there is room. There is a $50.00 late fee for all non-junior events. Junior events have lower late fees. If you miss the deadline for a USGA event, there is no way to enter.