Outreach Services - FAQ

The barn at Laurel Valley Golf Club.

1. How do I get a USGA Handicap Index®?

In order to get a handicap you must first join a club which issues handicaps. There are three types of clubs. Type 1 clubs are clubs which are attached to a golf course. These may be public or private. Type 2 clubs are clubs that are made up of a group of people who associate regularly for business or pleasure and to play golf. Type 2 clubs usually restrict membership to those who meet their membership requirements. Type 3 clubs are clubs which are open to anyone. In order to maintain a handicap at a type 3 club, you must play in club events and play rounds with other members during the year.

Please see the Definition of a Golf Club from the USGA Handicap System Manual.

Please see the USGA article "How to get a Handicap Index."

2. How do I become a member of the WPGA?

You become a member by joining one of the WPGA member clubs. These clubs are listed on the Member Club page. Different clubs have different membership requirements. You should check with the club regarding its membership policies. Once you have joined a member club and have been entered on their handicap rolls you are a member of the WPGA. The WPGA charges the club $20.00 per year for membership dues for each adult who maintains a handicap. This charge may be passed on to you or included in your membership fees at the club. Click here for article "How Do I Become a Member?"

3. How does a club join the WPGA?

Clubs join the WPGA by filling out a membership application and submitting it for approval by the WPGA Executive Committee. Membership applications can be obtained by contacting WPGA at 412-826-2180.

4. How can my friends and I start our own club?

Any group of ten or more people who gather for reasons of golf or otherwise may form a golf club. Once you have formed a club, you may join the WPGA as a Type 2 club (or club without a golf course.) The WPGA has information published by the USGA regarding the formation of a golf club. Please contact the WPGA for more information at 412-826-2180.

5. Can my league join the WPGA?

Yes, leagues may join the WPGA as a Type 2 club. Simply follow the process to start your own club and then apply for membership. Contact us at 412-826-2180 for more information.

6. How can I find out more about a club?

Information about WPGA member clubs can be found in the Member Club Directory or on the club's website.