Club Compliance Checklist

A view from the first tee at the Pittsburgh Field Club.

Does the Golf Club

1. Meet the USGA definition of a golf club?
2. Have a Handicap Committee composed mostly of members and chaired by a member? (Section 8-1)
3. Make it possible for a player to record the correct USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating with each posted score from every set of tees? (Sections 5-2, 8-2b, and 8-4c)
4. Require the posting of all acceptable scores? (Section 5-1)
5. Require use of USGA procedures to adjust hole scores before posting? (Section 4)
6. Require that nine-hole scores be posted? (Section 5-2 and 5-3d)
7. Insist that the Rules of Golf be followed? (Section 5-1d)
8. Follow the National Revision Schedule and posting season of the authorized golf association having jurisdiction in the region? (Sections 8-3a and 8-3b)
9. Have a representative from the golf club complete an annual club compliance education assessment?
10. Perform computations and adjustments in accordance with the USGA Handicap Formula? (Sections 8-4 10)
11. Make current scoring records and a Handicap Index listing of all members readily available for inspection by others? (Section 6-3)
12. Reduce or increase a Handicap Index of any player whose Handicap Index does not reflect the player's potential ability? (Section 8-4c)
13. Notify an authorized golf association when permanent changes have been made to the golf course so that the association can issue a new USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating? (Section 14-5b)
14. Include the letter "L" after local handicaps, which exceed the USGA maximum limits of 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women? (Section 3-4)
15. Utilize the current USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating issued by an authorized golf association? (Section 14)
16. Have a representative from all new golf clubs participate in a USGA Handicap System Seminar (whether conducted by the USGA or an authorized golf association) including passing a test exhibiting knowledge about the System? 17. Have a signed license agreement in place with a local authorized golf association of the USGA prior to issuing a Handicap Index?

FromThe USGA Handicap System™, pg. 50.

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