Indiana Country Club, host of the 121st WPGA Amateur Championship

Registration for WPGA Competitions is Now Open
By WPGA • March 2, 2021

Registration for 2021 WPGA Competitions opened today, March 2nd. The schedule is headlined by the 121st WPGA Amateur Championship at Indiana Country Club and the 118th WPGA Open Championship at Westmoreland Country Club.

The WPGA championship season starts with the first of four WPGA Senior Series events at Diamond Run Golf Club on May 10th and concludes with the 90th Senior Amateur Championship at Green Oaks Country Club on October 11th & 12th. The WPGA plans to conduct its full slate of events in 2021.

Qualifying for USGA Championships begins with U.S. Women's Open Qualifying at Shannopin Country Club on May 4th followed by the lone U.S. Open Local Qualifier in western Pennsylvania at Butler Country Club on May 5th. The U.S. Amateur Qualifier in the region will be hosted by Sunnehanna Country Club on July 6th & 7th. Rolling registration for USGA Championships is done through the USGA website.

To review the entire 2021 WPGA Competition Schedule, click here.

Golfers wishing to register for a competition or event must have a Handicap Index® issued by the WPGA and have user credentials on the WPGA Online Player Registration Portal. Please see Registration for more information and instructions.

Renewal of a Handicap Index® as soon as possible is encouraged. Delay in renewal may result in eligibility issues. Early renewal is important if you maintain your Handicap Index® at a club that does not automatically renew. For all WPGA Competitions and Events where a Handicap Index® is required for entry, the following applies: A Handicap Index issued by a WPGA Member Club is required for entry and players without a Handicap Index issued by a club licensed by the WPGA will be directed to an existing WPGA Member Club or an Association-sponsored Type 3 Golf Club. You can renew your Handicap Index® online through the WPGA here.

About the WPGA
Founded in 1899, the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association is the steward of amateur golf in the region. Started by five Member Clubs, the association now has nearly 200 Member Clubs and 33,000 members. The WPGA conducts 14 individual competitions and 10 team events, and administers the WPGA Scholarship Fund.