Join the WPGA

The 11th green at South Hills Country Club.

The WPGA uses GHIN®, a USGA Service, Service for handicap computation services and to provide a USGA Handicap Index® to all members. Each Handicap Index® is issued through a WPGA member club. A golfer may join the WPGA three different ways:

  1. Join an existing golf club (Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3)
  2. Form your own Type 2 or Type 3 Golf Club
  3. Find a golf club to join in your area (coming soon)

Please see the Definition of a Golf Club in the USGA Handicap System Manual.

If you need assistance in establishing a Handicap Index®, please contact the WPGA.

Benefits of membership in the WPGA

In order to have an accurate handicap, and be a member in good standing of the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, you must be an active participant in either a club at a course you often play, or with a group of individuals who regularly play together at a variety of courses. This option is available to a group of golfers wishing to form their own club not associated with a particular golf course. We call this a “non golf course” Club and encourage golfers to get together with friends or co-workers, form the necessary committees, draw up by-laws, and begin creating your own traditions through regularly scheduled play days and competitions. The WPGA will provide USGA Handicap Indexes® to all “non golf course” Clubs that comply with our criteria for membership. We offer GHIN software (which includes a tournament program, among others) and support for a club that desires computerized handicapping.

For additional information on joining the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, or on forming a Type 2 or Type 3 Golf Club, please call the WPGA office at (412) 826-2180 or by email.