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By WPGA • April 14, 2018

At Babb, Inc., we are passionate about keeping our clients WellAdvised. Arnold Palmer, a hero to most everyone reading this, once said, “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated…” In this regard, we liken the WellAdvised platform to the game of golf.

WellAdvised is quite simply, a focus on the Health, Safety, and Financial Fitness of the individual. We believe that the wellbeing of people is paramount to the success of any business or any family. Achieving that wellbeing can be very complicated - that is where we come in… Whether we are engaging the executives of a Fortune 500 company or an individual employee, our focus is on protecting people from known and unknown threats. Preventable medical conditions, retirement readiness, and safe practices in the workplace are always at the top of mind for us.

This month, we are giving special attention to personal insurance. Specifically, personal excess liability coverage, or as it is more commonly referred to as, umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage in excess of what you carry on your homeowners and auto insurance policies. If you carry $300,000 personal liability on your homeowners policy and $300,000 on your auto policy, a $1,000,000 umbrella policy would effectively afford you $1,300,000 personal liability coverage.

This seems like a substantial amount. However, with over 40,000 lawsuits being filed each day in the United States, we are finding that many, if not most, are drastically underinsured from a personal liability standpoint. If you own a $500,000 home, would you insure it for $100,000? No. In fact, your bank and your insurance company would not allow you to. We believe that the insurance industry is doing consumers a disservice by allowing people to insure against litigation for far less than the potential exposure. Nearly 15% of all personal injury settlements exceed $1,000,000.

How much umbrella insurance is enough? Many experts agree that your exposure is equal to your ability to pay a claim. Personal assets and future earnings are both used in that calculation.

The Babb Personal Lines Department is here to help you customize your personal insurance program. Determining the proper amount of umbrella coverage is a moving target that takes the expertise of a dedicated personal insurance advisor - we are here to help.

With the introduction of the WPGA Group Personal Excess program, you are uniquely enabled to purchase the proper amount of umbrella coverage at rates that are often unavailable on the open marketplace. Please click here use company code 0061, and call the personal insurance experts at Babb to guide you in this very important conversation.

Chuck Nettles: 412 980 7174 or can@babbins.com
Nathan Smith: 814 591 6610 or nts@babbins.com

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