How to become a member

The Western Pennsylvania Golf Association contracts with the GHIN Service to provide a USGA Handicap Index® to golfers through its Member Clubs. A golfer may seek out membership in the WPGA three different ways:

  1. Join an existing Member Club associated with a golf course
  2. Join an existing Type 2 or Type 3 Golf Club
  3. Form your own Type 2 or Type 3 Golf Club

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Since "Individual" handicapping is contrary to the USGA Handicap System, it is not permitted. We encourage interested golfers to form their own club with our assistance, further increase their enjoyment of the game by providing accurate handicaps to their friends and family.

Please see the Definition of a Golf Club from the USGA Handicap System Manual.

The fourth hole at Hannastown Golf Club, Greensburg

In order to have an accurate handicap, and be a member in good standing of the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, you must be an active participant in either a club at a course you often play, or with a group of individuals who regularly play together at a variety of courses. This option is available to a group of golfers wishing to form their own club not associated with a particular golf course. We call this a “non golf course” Club and encourage golfers to get together with friends or co-workers, form the necessary committees, draw up by-laws, and begin creating your own traditions through regularly scheduled play days and competitions. The WPGA will provide USGA Handicap Indexes® to all “non golf course” Clubs that comply with our criteria for membership. We offer GHIN software (which includes a tournament program, among others) and support for a club that desires computerized handicapping.

For additional information on joining the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association, or on forming a Type 2 or Type 3 Golf Club, please call the WPGA office at (412) 826-2180 or contact the Association office (412-826-2180) or email.