2008 Men's Honor Roll - Final

2008 Player of the Year, Nathan Smith, putting in the Fred Brand Foursomes

1. Nathan Smith, Pittsburgh
2. Mike VanSickle, Wexford
3. Sean Knapp, Oakmont
4. Robert Rohanna, Waynesburg
5. David Brown, Pittsburgh
6. Frank Fairman, Punxsutawney
7. Jon Pratkanis, Butler
8. Nathan Sutherland, Wyomissing
9. Arnold Cutrell, Greensburg
T-10. David DeNunzio, Jeanette
T-10. Artie Fink, Jr., Altoona

Honorable Mentions

Trent Karlik, Pittsburgh
Ronald DeNunzio, Jeanette
Brendan Borst, Pittsburgh
William Miller, Venetia