West Penn Women's Amateur Championship

First played in 1999 as a competition for women's club champions from WPGA Member Clubs, the Women's Amateur was opened in 2004 to all women in the area who met the Handicap Index eligibility requirement. At this time, the trophy was named for Judy Oliver who won the inaugural among her many titles. Her long-time friend and rival, Carol Semple Thompson, won the championship in 2004. The scoring record was set in 2005 by Katie Trotter with a score of 70 at Edgewood Country Club. The event was discontinued in 2008.


From left to right. 1999 champion and trophy namesake Judy Oliver, and 2004 champion Carol Semple Thompson.

The West Penn Women's Amateur Championship was restarted in 2017, and the West Penn Senior Women's Amateur and Super Senior Amateur Championships were added.