West Penn Semple Brothers Foursomes Championship

The Semple Brothers Foursomes Championship is named in honor of Bud and Dick Semple of Allegheny. The tournament was first played in 1996 as an additional event at the Fred Brand Foursomes Championship. Due to the growing popularity of both events, the Century Foursomes was spun off as its own event and moved to Allegheny Country Club starting in 2004. The Semple began as foursomes format with teammates having a combined age of at least 100. In 2015 the Semple was changed to a senior foursomes championship with eligible teams consisting of players both age 55 and older. The championship will now be played in conjuction with the Fred Brand once again at the same site on the same day.


From left to right. 2009 champions Mike McGuire & Bob Allshouse, and the clubhouse at Allegheny Country Club.

Don Erickson III and John Benson have teamed to win the event twice, and Benson added another title with Tim Murphy in 2004. David Brown and Sean Knapp have most recently won the championship with back-to-back titles in 2011 and 2012. Arnold Cutrell has won the championship on three occasions with three different partners.